12 Aug 2009

Bags of Bags!

UPDATE 24-MAY-2013: I have just published an updated version of this pattern entitled "BYOB 2.0 - Bring Your Own Bag! v2.0". This version now includes 3 different sizes and new all-natural yarns. See the Blog entry here for further information, and download the free pattern from Craftsy: "BYOB 2.0" . I hope you enjoy this updated version!

Here are some links to blog postings about my bag patterns. Keep up the good work by knitting your own market bags and say "No Plastic Bags for Me!"
Click on the photos for more information:
.  . . . . . . . . . .
L: BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag! as pub'd in "Knitty", Summer 08.
Center: BYOB - 2 bags from a set using different MC yarns.
R: BYOB in two-tone blue and white.
. . . . . .
L: BYOB in two-tone pink and white.
R: Basketweave variation, shown in two-tone blue / pink and white.
. . . . .
L: BYOB's in "Fired Earth" colorway.
R: Basketweave and striped variations.
. . . .
L: Broad striped variation.
R: Purple BYOB and Fibonacci variation.
. . . . .
Set of bags ready for the supermarket, with 
. a linen bag, 
. a bottle carrier, 
. 1 or 2 solid-sided basketweave bags 
. and a BYOB or two. 

I usually put several of these "sets" of 5 bags together and then I have everything I need when I arrive at the shops. Have fun making your own bag variations and then you can say with pride:

"No plastic bags for me, thanks!"
Happy Knitting!



  1. I love this. LOVE it.

    I was talking to a woman who works with children at a group home. She said that, when they come into care, after being removed from their homes, their things come with them in garbage bags. When I saw this it gave me an idea.

    I'm going to try to knit one a month and give to Social Services for those children, At least each can have something colorful to call her own. And it ain't a garbage bag. Thanks!

    Sue Shankle, MSW

  2. That's a brilliant idea, Sue. They can keep their teddies in their own bag. Moi x



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