19 Dec 2012

Reversible Stripes

Autumn just wouldn't be the same without a visit to the Knitting & Stitching Show in "Allie Pallie" (Alexandra Palace in London.) It has its own special character, with three halls overflowing with display booths, shops, classes, student shows and so on. Every year there is also a special event such as a quilting display or a Japanese knitting exhibition. Always magical.

And then there are the remnant boxes... My downfall. Bargain end-of-line yarns just asking to go home with you. Last year, already laden with packages, we came across a remnant box filled with Lang "Gobi" yarn.  The super-soft mixture of extra-fine merino and baby camel hair was stunning.  The colours were wonderful and set me in mind of a recent visit to a favourite town we love going to, Asheville in North Carolina.  

The beautiful russet colour of one of the yarns was just like the leaves with their warm, glowing tints of Autumn.

Autumn Leaves, © Tim Ravenscroft, 2012
By digging through three separate boxes, we managed to find enough for a super-warm scarf.  By great good fortune, I had also recently discovered a stitch pattern which might just become one of my favourites - a reversible stitch called Roman Striped Lace. But what makes this really special is that the stripes are almost perfect on both sides. 

Usually a stripe will look good when seen from the right side, but turn it over and there is a little line of two-colour "purl bumps" which mar the wrong side. You can try to ignore them, or even embrace them and make this line part of your design, but they are almost always there.  But here.....

Ta-Da!  No bi-colour purls. No off-colour lines at the transition points. In fact it is really hard to see which is the right side and which is the wrong side. A perfect stitch choice for a soft and luscious yarn.  As I worked, the scarf was so soft and warm in my hands and I knew this was a winner.  

Winter chills around the neck are a thing of the past.

Happy Knitting!


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