8 Apr 2013

The Sarasota Shopper

In my last Blog post, I introduced a new set of knitting patterns all based around a simple idea - to take craft-shop linen tote bags and turn them into something really special. In that posting, I detailed the first bag in the collection, the Back-to-Nature BagNow, here is the second of the bags, the Sarasota Shopper.

This is such a versatile bag and has been in almost continual use since it was completed. In fact, I was using it to transport my next knitting project to the airport one day while the needles were still attached to the top facing! A sure sign of a winner.

The tote liners dyed up really well, and one sachet was easily enough to dye two separate bags. The colour used here is Dylon "Bahama Blue" and gave a shade very reminiscent of the turquoise waters lapping the Florida coast.

For this bag, I dyed the canvas tote to suit the exterior colour of the yarn, but a contrasting colour could be used instead to add an extra degree of "zing" to the finished result.

The design features bands of Basketweave texture set into a background of Double Moss Stitch, giving it an understated elegance - just perfect for a trip to the shopping mall. It would also be an excellent choice to carry all the essentials for a day at the beach.

The patterns for all four bags can be found on my website, either as stand-alone patterns or as a collection, The Southampton Collection

I will upload photos of the final two bags, both book bags, in my next Blog entry. 

Happy Knitting!


Website: www.wyndlestrawdesigns.com

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