24 Oct 2013

Beckenham Scarf

One of the coldest apartments that I ever lived in was in an otherwise delightful town called Beckenham in Kent, down in the South-East corner of England. The flat seemed pleasantly cool in the summer when I moved in, but when winter arrived in full force then it was seriously cold.

I rapidly learnt that good quality knitwear was essential to keep the winter chills at bay.  

So, what better name for this new knitting pattern than the "Beckenham Scarf" ...

The pattern features a strongly graphical design which is just perfect for a man's scarf. 

There are two versions: the grey scarf is worked in a soft worsted-weight merino wool, while the green version uses a super-warm chunky yarn. 

The worsted weight scarf can be worked in 3 widths ranging from 18.5 - 21.5 cm / 7½ - 8½ ins wide, while the chunky one knits to 24 - 28 cm / 9½ - 11 ins.

The Slim size measures 150cm/60 ins in length, the Medium is 165 cm/66 ins and the Wide size is 185cm/72 ins long - perfect for draping or wrapping several times around the neck.

Please see my blogpost dated 31 Mar 2014 for more details on these sizes and for additional photographs.

The patterning is completely reversible so it doesn't matter which side shows as the breezes start to blow.

For more details about the Beckenham Scarf knitting pattern, please click here.

Also, please visit my website for lots of other scarf ideas to keep you cozy this winter.

Happy Knitting!


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