15 Jan 2014

The Ocean Currents Rug Knitting Pattern

There's something wonderful about watching waves as they come in to the shoreline. Sometimes it can be a passing yacht disturbing the water of a lake at sunset, sending ripples across the surface and catching the light of the sun on every wave. And sometimes it can be that quiet, gently rhythm of the sea that you see on a fair day. Both are magical and inspiring. 

It was like that the other day when we were walking by the coast. The sun was low, the sky clear and every wave glistened briefly as it came towards the land. We sat for a while, and at that lower viewing angle the colours were heightened even further to deep blues and palest turquoises.

This rug attempts to capture that feeling of light and shade, rhythm and movement. The pattern uses symmetrical repeats but without predictability, giving the design a three-dimensional quality.

Another feature of the pattern is that if you choose to hand-dye and spin your yarn, you only have to dye three different colours. These are then carded and blended to produce the five yarn colours used in the design.

The wonderfully gentle gradations of colour in the final rug are achieved by working with two strands of these blended yarns held together in ever-changing combinations. 

In the sample, I have worked the rug with a tonal blue colourway. However, the design could equally well lend itself to interpretation using other colours and mixtures. For example, contrasting shades of blacks, greys and reds would give a stunning modern rug, or it could be worked in teenage shades of orange and pink!

And of course if you don't feel like starting with spinning and dyeing, there are many commercially available yarns in a worsted weight which you could use to knit your own Ocean Currents Rug.

The information in the pattern includes all the charts and line-by-line instructions for the design as worked, together with hand-dyeing formulae and information for spinning the yarns. I have also included instructions on how to back the rug with a non-slip pad if you choose to use it on a wooden floor. 

For more details about Ocean Currents Rug knitting pattern please click here.

There is also a co-ordinating pattern, the Ocean Currents Blanket available separately. Read all about that pattern here.

Happy Knitting!


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