15 Feb 2016

The iBookstore is open!

I'm pleased to announce that my iBookstore is open with - wait for it, wait for it - one pattern so far! Well you have to start somewhere don't you. This has been a fun expansion of my current pattern outlets and I am hoping to have more patterns uploaded there soon. 

The advantage of an iBook is that is an excellent format for hand-held devices such as iPads and iPhones. Traditional patterns are great when they are viewed on a full-size computer screen or if they are printed out. However, they can be a touch difficult to see on hand-held devices with small screens.

Having a book designed for a landscape iBook format gives the best readability for iPads and smaller units, so you don't have to spend time expanding and manipulating views to read the next part of the pattern.

Another advantage of the iBook format is that you can quickly navigate to the section you want: Go to the point where you left it last... Quickly find what yarn you need while you are at the yarn store... Check an abbreviation... Add a note or highlight something... All very easy.

So if you have any kind of Apple device, you can download the iBooks app (if it isn't already pre-installed) and then choose to read your next pattern as an iBook instead of a standard pdf.

To find the Ryedale Bracelet iBook and download a free sample book, please click hereI will be adding more iBooks to the iBookstore soon!

Happy Knitting!


. 17/5/17

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