20 Jul 2008

BYOB - Fired Earth Colourway

In my last blogpost, I was describing how I was drawn to make a set of knitted BYOB bags to supplement the linen bags I was taking to the supermarket. First I made just a couple, then a few more and a few more. Well, you know how it goes when you are enjoying knitting an item, right?

I wanted the first ones to be bright, cheery and to suit the high summer season, so I chose a lovely "Summer Limes" Colourway – a vibrant green main colour with blue and purple contrast stripes. 

However, as the season started to cool and my clothes migrated into more autumnal shades they didn't match quite so well. So I headed back to the shops and found that the Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn also comes in some wonderful earthy tones.

 So here is a set of these bags in a "Fired Earth" colourway. Now I can walk to the shops carrying these bags and kicking up the beautiful red New England sugar maple leaves as they fall all around me....

The yarns I used here are:
Bag 1 Terracotta: Main Colour (MC) 134 Terracotta, 
Contrast Colours (CC) CC#1 186 Maize and CC#2 122 Taupe

Bag 2 Maize: the same 3 yarns, but with Maize as the MC, Taupe as CC#1, and Terracotta as CC#2

and Bag 3 Taupe: Here the Taupe is the MC, CC#1 is Terracotta and CC#2 is Maize

It is remarkable how different each of the bags look, isn't it? However, they make a beautifully co-ordinated set when you gather them all together. I hope you enjoy this "Fall Variation"!

For more details about the latest version of the BYOB pattern, please click here.

Happy Knitting! 


. 23/7/18 W

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  1. StringFlinger26 July, 2008 10:24

    I saw your bags on Knitty and I love them! I have the same problem with running out of the bags that I take because I only have 4 (why did I think that was enough when I'm such an impulse shopper???) . I'm going to make 3 of these to supplement what I have. How well are the handles holding up when you have heavy stuff in them? Thanks for the pattern!


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