20 Jul 2008

BYOB - Fired Earth Colourway

The original BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag! as published in Knitty 2008 was shown in a Summer Limes Colourway in a vibrant green main colour with blue and purple contrast stripes. 

However, the Lion Brand Cotton-Ease yarn also comes in some wonderful earthy tones and I have made a set of these bags in a "Fired Earth" colourway. These which would be just perfect for the Fall. I can imagine walking to the shops carrying these bags and kicking up the beautiful red New England sugar maple leaves as they fall all around me....

The yarns I used here are:

Bag 1/Terracotta: Main Colour / MC: 134 Terracotta, 
Contrast Colour / CC#1: 186 Maize and CC#2: 122 Taupe

Bag 2/Maize - the same 3 yarns, but with Maize as the MC, Taupe as CC#1, and Terracotta as CC#2.

and Bag 3/Taupe: Here the Taupe is the MC, CC#1 is Terracotta and CC#2 is Maize.

It is remarkable how different each of the bags look, isn't it? However, they make a beautifully co-ordinated set when you gather them all together. I hope you enjoy this "Fall Variation"!

For more details about the latest version of the BYOB pattern, please click here.

Happy Knitting! 


. 18/4/18 L

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  1. StringFlinger26 July, 2008 10:24

    I saw your bags on Knitty and I love them! I have the same problem with running out of the bags that I take because I only have 4 (why did I think that was enough when I'm such an impulse shopper???) . I'm going to make 3 of these to supplement what I have. How well are the handles holding up when you have heavy stuff in them? Thanks for the pattern!


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