20 Jul 2008

BYOB - Pretty in Pink (and Blue)

The BYOB - Bring Your own Bag! pattern can look very different when it is worked in different colours. My original bag was worked in a Summer Limes colourway, with a fresh lime green main colour teamed with blue and purple contrast colour stripes. In my last blogpost I showed the bags worked with more earthy tones in a Fired Earth Colourway – just perfect for the Fall.

In this post I am featuring some bags which have been worked in just two colours, with a pretty berry pink or gentle blue contrasting with bright white. 


The bags are worked in Lion Brand Cotton Ease yarn which, at the time of writing, is available in 17 different colours. In these bags the colours I have used are:

Pink Bags: MC 112 Berry, CC 100 Snow
Blue Bags: MC 110 Lake, CC 100 Snow

In the pink bags, I replaced the CC#2 bands in the original pattern with MC. Otherwise there were no other changes.

In the blue bags, I worked 3 narrow bands in the lower band. These have 3 rnds in white with 5 rnds of MC between. Then the rest of the pattern is the same up to the top band, where I again used MC to replace the CC#2 colour.

The result is simple yet stylish, and also involves less left-over yarn – always a bonus! 

For more details the latest version of this pattern, the BYOB 2.0, please click here. The pattern is available for instant download from my site so you can start work on your new bag today!

Happy Knitting!


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