23 Oct 2008

Rare Earth Rug

Nothing warms a New England winter more than a cozy rug to step onto first thing in the morning. This one is no exception, with its rich natural tones harmonizing with the beauty of the world outside.

The colors reflect the bare branches of aspen, birch and oak with their thick coating of snow which make this time of year so special for those of us who live in these cold, northerly climes.

Even in more temperate areas, a beautiful natural-colored rug would add a homely touch to any room.

The Rare Earth Rug can be worked from handspun yarn, as here, or with commercially available yarns in natural shades of browns, greys and off-whites.

The wonderfully gentle gradations of color are achieved by working with two strands of yarn in ever-changing combinations. The stitch pattern is reversible and lies flat without curling or distortions.

The Rare Earth Rug pattern includes stitch charts and full line-by-line instructions and is available for instant download.

If you would like to knit a set of co-ordinating cushions, then please see: Rare Earth Cushions.

Happy Knitting!


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