6 Dec 2012

Rare Earth Cushions

You can never have too many cushions. Scattered over a comfy sofa they add a homely touch to any room, softening the look of a bare area and making it feel warm and welcoming. 

The colours used here are reminiscent of a New England winter, the rich natural tones harmonising with the beauty of the world outside.

I have worked these ones in a soft natural-coloured handspun yarn using Corriedale fleece.

I started with one white fleece and one coloured one and then divided the coloured fleece into separate tones. I blended these together to give five different colours to work into the cushions. 

Of course you don't need to use handspun yarn to knit these cushions for yourself - any worsted weight yarn in 5 co-ordinating colours will work. I can imagine these cushions in other colours too - in bright tones to suit a child's playroom or seasonal Holiday shades.

The Rare Earth Cushions pattern includes five different colour variations giving a co-ordinated set of cushions. Knit just one or two cushions to add to your existing collection or all five for a brand-new look. 

The covers are easily removed as they are buttoned over the cushion pad underneath, making it easy to change the look in your room as you move from season to season. 

They also co-ordinate with the Rare Earth Rug – a super-cozy rug invented with New England winters in mind. 

To see both of these patterns together with other cushion and rug designs, please visit my website. Until next time,

Happy Knitting! 


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