7 Apr 2013

Introducing the Southampton Collection

I was wandering around my local craft store a short while ago when my eye was caught by a set of linen tote bags. These were just plain and simple bags but looked to be a very useful size — not only for shopping at the supermarket but also as general project bags or for carrying to the mall. 

I thought about it for a moment and then realized that they would make excellent liners for knitted bags. After all, knitted bags are great but lack the sturdiness of linen. By making a linen-lined knitted bag you'd have the best of both worlds.

Before I knew it, my shopping basket had filled not only with the tote liners but also with enough yarns and dyes to complete a whole set of four bags. I have just uploaded all four bag patterns to my pattern store and you can either buy them individually or as a whole set, the Southampton Collection.

So here's the first bag in the collection! This is the Back-to-Nature Bag. The colourway for this was inspired by the idea of a "Return to nature", the cream colour at the top gradually giving way to the gentle green of a misty spring morning at the base.

The exterior is worked in a crisp cotton yarn and features a neat stitch that almost looks crocheted. This is Embossed Check Stitch, a reversible stitch taken from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. Although you don't see the reverse side of this stitch when it has the liner inside, the interlocking ribs give this stitch a lot ot character and resilience.

Inside, this sturdy little bag has enough capacity to carry home bottles of milk or heavy cartons of juice, or be used to transport all the heavier vegetables home from the Farmer's market. 

And all this with minimal sewing to complete the item!

I will post the details of the other three bags over the next few days, or please visit my website to see all my bag patterns.

Happy Knitting!


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