23 May 2013

New BYOB 2.0 Pattern

We are all too aware of the need to "reduce, re-use and recycle", especially when it comes to plastic bags, yet millions of them are still used every year. However, we knitters have solutions! Using the skills of our hands we can make bags that are not only functional but decorative and long-lasting too.

The photo above shows a new version of my original BYOB pattern: the BYOB 2.0 - Bring Your Own Bag! This includes instructions for four different sizes of bag, including a new junior size – after all you can never be too young to start saving the planet!

This extra-small size is suitable for a young person/teen, or could be used for bread or fragile items needing to be carried separately, such as mushrooms, bananas or a box of eggs.

In addition, the pattern has been re-written for new all-cotton yarns, so that these bags are now made from 100% natural fibres — much the best choice for an eco-bag. This is the ever-popular Lily "Sugar 'n Cream" yarn and is available in a wide range of colours.

The bags have a wide shaped base that is easy to load at the check-out, and the lower Seed Stitch section ensures that small items will not drop out. The central area features an openwork design which is strong but also flexible enough to accommodate bulky, awkwardly-shaped items. 

The upper handle is worked in Seed Stitch and features a rounded hand-grip. This is soft to hold so that the handle does not cut into your hands when the bag is full. 

For more information about the BYOB 2.0 pattern, please click here. My website also has information about other bag patterns that I have available including a set of linen-lined bags, the Southampton Collection, and a long-handled bag, the BYOB Market Bag.

Now all you have to do is remember to take them with you! Put a couple of these BYOB 2.0 bags in a linen carrier by the back door or in the car and then you will be sure you always have them to hand when you head to the shops.

Then you can say with pride: "No Plastic Bags for Me!"

Happy Knitting!


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15 May 2013

One picture says it all...

That sinking feeling. We've all experienced it. You are in the line at the check-out and look for your reusable shopping bags, but they are still in the car. Or worse, you left them at home. It's not so bad if your car is just outside the shop so can run and get them, but so often you just accept the plastic bag offered instead, gently cursing your memory.

So how do you remember to "Bring Your Own Bag"? 

What works for me is to put sets of bags together, with a couple of linen bags for the heavier goods, a divided bottle carrier for the glass jars and bottles, and some knitted BYOB Bags for all the awkward shaped items. 

I put one set near the back door ready to grab on my way out if I am walking to the shops, and another in the car for when I am driving. After bringing the shopping back home, a new set of bags can be assembled and hung by the door ready for the next time you head out.

But that still leaves the issue of remembering to take the bags out of the car, 
so here are some other good tips:

1 - After you finish knitting your bags, take three strands of left-over yarn from the last bag you worked on and braid up a little loop to put onto your keychain. As you remove your keys from the ignition, the colourful braid will remind you to take your bags too. 

2 - As you claim your shopping trolley, place the shopping bags straight in. Now if you see you have a trolley that is empty when you start your shopping, you can immediately go back and retrieve your bags.

3 - Write "Take Bags!!" at the top of your shopping list so that you will see this before heading out, and again as you begin looking for your items.

Another way is to make a knitted bag that becomes your principal bag that you always carry wherever you go. That will act as a memory jogger since this knitted bag will remind you to take your other ones too. The bag in the photo is the Southampton Book Bag, one of a set of four linen-lined bags in the Southampton Collection.

Alternatively, you could look at this photo from Gaetano's WorkshopGaetano writes: 

"Taken during a walk in the forest, this photo shows the lack of respect by certain individuals for Mother Nature. On this remnant of a partially decomposed plastic bag we can still divine the word 'Merci' (thank you)."

If nothing else acts to help remind you to take your bags to the shops, 
then perhaps the memory of this image will.

Thank you, Gaetano, for your permission to include this photo here. For more of Gaetano's work, please visit his Flickr page. This image is in the set: "Nature et Paysages".

Happy Knitting!



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