6 Oct 2013

Derwent Cove Cushions

Derwent Cove Cushions knitting pattern by Moira Ravenscroft, Wyndlestraw Designs

There's something magical about Southerly light. In Europe, you notice it as you leave Provence and head for the Mediterranean. Here in the Eastern USA you see it first as you drive into North Carolina. 

The sky seems bluer... the colours brighter... There's just a certain clarity to the light. 

You continue on your way through South Carolina and Georgia, and then you arrive in Florida and the transition is complete. Everyone is dressed in colourful shirts and tops, an intensely pink bougainvillea scrambles over a wall, bright green ferns nestle under swaying palm trees, and the ocean is an amazing turquoise colour. 

We visited a yarn store after a pleasurable afternoon strolling by the harbour in Venice, Florida recently. The gulf waters were a deep turquoise blue and we had been lucky enough to see the dolphins who frequent that area as they slowly made their way along near the shoreline. 

And there were the colours we had been seeing, right there on the yarn store shelves – the same turquoise as the sea, the blue of the sky, the whites and royal blue colours of the yachts sailing out to sea. 

Derwent Cove Cushions knitting pattern by Moira Ravenscroft, Wyndlestraw Designs

Now we don't need to go down to the ocean to be reminded of those colours as they are right there in our sitting room, in these Derwent Cove Cushions. The bold diagonal stripe pattern captures the very essence of that perfect summer's day. 

So what colours would you like to bring indoors? A woodland walk celebrated in a vibrant mix of greens... or tonal shades of rock, sand and autumn colours, almost recalling the sound of the rustling leaves under your feet... 

It is amazing how different a pattern can look with a different colourway. Whether you make just one cushion or a whole set, it will bring those outside colours right into your living room. 

Please click here to read more details about the Derwent Cove Cushions knitting pattern, which is available for instant download from the website.

Happy Knitting! 


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