4 Jan 2014

The Four-Way Wrap

Thank you for the e-mails re my last blogpost and the new Lamberhurst Scarf knitting pattern. I am glad this is proving so popular. I have had a couple of requests for information on how to tie the scarf in the way it is shown in the pattern and I am happy to do that today.

This Four-way Wrap is an intriguing-looking knot which is, fortunately, not as difficult to work as it looks! It can also be used by both men and women as you can see from the Elizabeth Scarf pictured above.

So to start you will need a fairly long scarf, especially if you want the ends to show after you have completed the wrap. The Lamberhurst Scarf is 173cm/68 ins long and the Elizabeth Scarf is a touch longer, 183cm/72 ins. 

The width is not so important, but a medium-width of about 15-20cm/6-8 ins would perhaps give the best results. Here, the Lamberhurst Scarf is 19cm/7.5 ins wide and the Elizabeth Scarf is 16.5cm/6.5 ins. 

The Four-way Wrap is actually a variation of the Parisian Wrap that most people know. For that one, you take the two ends of your scarf and find the mid-point of the scarf. Bring this around your neck and hold it in the position where you would like the fold to sit. This can be right in the middle or slightly off-centred for a relaxed look. Then draw both ends together through the loop. Super-simple and quick but yet very effective.

The Parisian Wrap is useful not only for long scarves but can also be used for shorter versions too as it gives a compact tie. This is good for cyclists or walkers who need a scarf that won't flap about in the breeze. 

So, for the Four-Way Wrap: start in the same way by folding the scarf into two, making a loop in the centre of the scarf. 

Position the fold point a little lower than you would for the Parisian Wrap. The loop will not be pulled as tightly so you need a little more space to allow for the volume of the knot. 

Now bring the 1st end through the loop and leave the 2nd end where it is. You can actually leave it at this stage if you like. This is a Three-way Wrap and gives a stylish, relaxed look. 

To continue on to a full Four-Way style, take the centre of the loop and give it a half-twist to the front. 

Hold this in position and bring the 2nd end over the top and then down through the loop. You will see that the two ends of the scarf essentially weave through the centre fold of the scarf in opposite directions.

To finish off, adjust the position of the loop until you get just the right volume effect that you wish. 

And there you have it! A super-cozy knot that stays just where you want it and makes every scarf look great.

I hope this gives you some inspiration for tying your scarves in a new way for the New Year! If you would like more information on any of my scarf patterns you will find them on my website

Many thanks to my daughter, Anna Ravenscroft, for demonstrating the Four-Way Wrap and trying to appear warmer than she was! You can see Anna's own wonderful range of knitting designs on her website, Kiku Knits.

Have a wonderful 2014! 


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