14 Feb 2014

Never-ending Winter

There are very definite reasons why Florida seems a good place to be in February. I love New England – well I love "Old" England too come to mention it — but memories of shovelling huge quantities of snow on a very regular basis serve as a powerful reminder of what a true winter can be. 

My DH is currently in the Washington area and is digging himself out of a 40cm / 15" snow accumulation with an added ice layer too, just to make life interesting. Fingers crossed he can get home from there later today. And yes, that rounded 'blob' in the front of the photo is the car!

MInd you, it can get cold here too. Not the -20ยบ C wind-chill kind of cold, but chilly enough that a large knitting project is a definite bonus. In the photo above, I am sitting on the life-guard steps at Nokomis beach just to the north of Venice, FL. It might actually look reasonably warm, but there was quite a cutting breeze and a rapidly-growing blanket was perfect to keep my knees warm.

That's what I love about knitting. In the summer you can sit under a beach umbrella and finesse your latest sock, and in the winter you can create instant warmth just with the infusion of a number of skeins of wool. There's not many crafts quite as flexible and rewarding as that!

BTW, that's the Ocean Currents Blanket keeping me cozy and I'll be saying more about that next time.

Until then, keep warm - and keep knitting!


Our book: Reversible Knitting Stitches

Many thanks to Tim for his photos! If you would like to see more of his photos, then please visit his Flickr site.

. 26/7/18 W

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