25 Feb 2014

Planning Ahead

I like having at least one large project on hand at all times. Of course, it's good to have several smaller items on the go too, but there's always one large basket in the corner of my sitting room where I can pick up my needles and add a touch more. 

And I'm not sure why exactly, but it always seems to be about this time of year when I start these. Perhaps it has to do with the end of winter being in sight and, funnily enough, planning for the next one! 

If you had to ask yourself what was the one item you most missed this season, what would it be? A large shawl to wrap around while you sit by the fire? A muffler and hat so you can keep cosy while shovelling snow? Perhaps that gorgeous Norwegian sweater you've been promising yourself for years...

Well for me, it was the idea of a large colourful blanket to throw over the bed for some valuable extra degrees of warmth overnight. I wanted a King-size blanket but I also wanted to make sure it wasn't too weighty. This pointed to a lace pattern, or rather a series of lace patterns for interest both during construction and in the final product.

I had some hand-spun yarns left over after knitting the Ocean Currents Rug, so those became my starting point. However, I quickly realized that I could actually use up all kinds of remnant yarns in my collection and incorporate them. The more I added, the more interesting the blanket became. Slight variations in shade between batches just lent a "country" air, and completely different yarns just melded together to give a lovely result. I even incorporated some thinner yarns used double.

It became, in short, the knitterly equivalent of an American quilt, where many different fabrics are patched together to give a wonderful finished article.

The pattern for the Ocean Currents Blanket includes not only the King-size version pictured here, but also a Single/Twin size and one for a Double/Queen size bed. 

Have a look in your stash of yarns and think which could be used in a good-sized project such as this. And of course, a new blanket would be a great gift project too. Perhaps you have a teenager going off to college in the Fall. I'm sure they would really appreciate a bedcover for their new freezing dorm room. Or a wedding gift for the newly-weds maybe. Just perfect for the next Winter!

Happy Knitting,


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