31 Mar 2014

It's good to have options - Beckenham Scarf v2.0

Thanks for all the feedback on the Beckenham Scarf knitting pattern — I am glad that everyone is enjoying this so much. I am posting an update today as I have had a number of requests for additional sizes, so I'm happy to oblige. 

In this new version, I have included three different widths and lengths so you can really tailor your project according to the person you have in mind. There are now charts and instructions for a Slim, Medium and Wide size, each with a slightly different look — and of course all are completely reversible, like the original.

Slim scarf:

The stitch chart for this scarf has deep "V" pattern shapes. This gives a dynamic, modern edge which could be further emphasized by strong colour choices. 

Working in a worsted weight yarn such as the beautifully soft Amherst by Webs, this scarf will measure a neat 18.5cm/7.5 ins in width x 150cm/60 ins in length. A thicker yarn such as Berroco Vintage Chunky will give a larger scarf with a comfy width of 24cm/9.5 ins, just right for filling in the gaps at the top of a collar.

Medium scarf:

The medium scarf has a slightly wider chevron patterning which gives a pleasing, classic result. 

This works very well in a worsted weight yarn, with a good standard width of 20cm/8 ins and length of 165cm/66 ins, while a chunkier yarn will give a width of 26cm/10.25 ins.

Wide scarf:

This is the original version of the pattern and features a wide chevron design with a low 'rise' in the V-shape patterning, giving a sophisticated feel to the final fabric. 

It has a width of 21.5cm/8.5 ins when knitted in a worsted weight wool, and 28cm/11 ins in a chunky yarn — perfect for the fashion-forward set. Both measure 185cm/72 ins in length which is a good length for interesting knots such as the Four-Way Wrap that I was writing about recently.

I hope you enjoy working with these variations. As I said in the title: it's good to have options! The samples have been worked in another of my favourite yarns, Cascade Yarns Eco Cloud, a beautifully soft merino/alpaca mix with great stitch definition.

If you're not sure what size scarf you'd like to make, then please see my earlier blogpost "How long shall I make this scarf?" which has some pointers to different sizes of scarves and their uses. 

You can also find my original post about the Beckenham Scarf here.

If you would like more details about the Beckenham Scarf knitting pattern then please click here.

Happy Knitting!


. 23/12/18 W


  1. Hi, thank you for your description on the yarn used for each size of the scarf. I am in love with the color you use. Could you tell me the yarn and the color of the grey and green ones please?

    1. HI Thu,

      Thank you for your comment - I am glad you like these scarf colours so well. The grey scarf is worked in Webs Valley Yarns 'Amherst', which is a 100% merino wool yarn in Col: Light Grey and the chunky green scarf is Berroco 'Vintage Chunky' in Col: Douglas Fir. The samples I have shown above are in Cascade Yarns 'Eco Cloud' in Col: #1801 Cream.

      Enjoy knitting your scarf!



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