17 Mar 2014

Time to Kollaborate!

I try to wear something hand-made every day, even if it is just a pair of hand-knit socks or a super-cozy sweater. In recent times this has become considerably easier since our daughter Anna now has her own website, Kiku Knits. Now I can just add one of her brilliant hand-made items such as these lacquered paper necklaces to my outfit and I'm good to go!

Of course, this isn't an absolute rule but more in the nature of a guideline (can you tell we've been watching "Pirates of the Caribbean" recently?) However, I find that the day feels better when I have hand-made things around me. 

I love coming home to a house with knitted cushions, a hand-spun rug, or warm and fluffy woven blankets. Shopping seems more colourful with hand-knit bags to supplement the plain linen ones. Sweaters are so much warmer when they are made from 100% wool.

So I was especially pleased when I found Kollabora. The tag line for the site is "We are what we make" and that is the basic idea: to link makers, crafters and DIY enthusiasts so that they get inspired, share projects and connect with each other. And it's not just for knitters — the site is expanding to encompass many different crafts and techniques. They say their aim is to include everything from sewing to soldering!

The maker movement has been growing in strength in recent years, trying to provide an alternative to simply heading to the shops to buy everything. Making something from scratch or repurposing an item that would otherwise be cast-off and thrown away just feels like the right thing to do. 

Not only is it good for the environment, but good for the soul too. Here's a quote from Kollabora: "If you have ever made anything, you know how good it feels: looking at it, wearing it, hearing others' praises for it. It becomes part of you. We are what we make." 

I couldn't agree more.

Thanks, Kollabora, for helping me set up my pattern store on your great site — it's good to be part of your vision! 

Happy Knitting!


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