28 May 2014

Why stop at one?

Thanks for the messages about this series of ideas for #SummerKnitting — glad you like these. And here's another: Think in Multiples!

We've all experienced the phenomenon of having to concentrate at the start of a pattern to make sure everything is going just right, haven't we. Then all of a sudden it seems to get easier, and by the time you reach the end you are almost knitting on auto-pilot. Well, you can tap into that for some great summer knitting. So here are five ideas for repeats that really work.

#1: One pattern, two or three yarns

If you have a pattern that you have enjoyed working, then go on to repeat it with a couple of different yarns. You will be surprised how different the end result can be! A fine gauge yarn might turn into a lovely skinny scarf which would be perfect as a tie-wrap for an evening dress. A chunky yarn would produce a wide comfy scarf which will be pressed into service as soon as the weather turns colder. 

For example, a pattern such as the Elizabeth Scarf lends itself to many different weights of yarn. The photo above shows a North Ronaldsay Aran-weight yarn being worked in this pattern, and it has a completely different feel to the original — very rugged and a really nice width to the scarf. 

Pop into some knitting shops along your travel route and see what yarns "speak" to you. You might find something quite inspiring in a new store. 

Do a quick gauge swatch to test out the yarn and decide what needle size works best. Then cast on and see what comes! You will need to carry a few different needles with you as you go, but perhaps this is the year to treat yourself to a set of interchangeable needles, such as the ones above from KnitPicks. Then you'll have everything you need to explore those luscious new yarns you find along your way.

#2: Same yarn, different pattern

The same holds true for yarns. When you have used a yarn that was especially good to work with, you just want to find more excuses to use it. I loved the yarn I used for the Kimpton Scarf and Wrap, for example, and am about to order some more of that in different colours. That was Knit Picks Shine sport-weight yarn and it is gorgeous. I am planning to work a wrap in this yarn and I think the end result will be beautiful. 

The advantage of this approach is that you already have an idea of how the yarn behaves and what type of projects it might be good for. You will probably also have some notes of the size and type of needles which are most suitable too. So it should be very easy to find another pattern to work in that yarn and then you can get going straight away.

#3: Don't just make one — knit a set

Cushions and pillows always look better when there are a lot of them, so why not plan to make a whole set, such as these Rare Earth Cushions. Start each with a different co-ordinating colour and knit away. Then when all the knitting is done you can sit in a quiet place and finish them all off together. In fact, you could do the knitting during the summer and then sew them together when the kiddies go back to school in September. It is always very satisfying when you can turn a stack of knitting into finished objects very quickly, so this would be a good two-season project! 

And of course you could make several cushions in different colourways so that you can change your cushion covers to suit the season — pumpkin coloured cushions for Halloween, red and green for the holiday season etc.

#4: A basketful of socks

Socks are a great summer knitting project and it is easy to knit a whole basketful of socks with only a small amount of yarn. Once you are in "sock knitting mode", you can easily make three or four pairs ready for the cooler weather ahead. The yellow socks above are some more I have worked from the Mentmore Socks pattern I was mentioning in my last blogpost

#5: And don't forget patchwork afghans

Small items such as squares are perfect for carrying with you when you go to the beach, or to work on in quiet moments under the welcome shade of a palm tree! You could knit just a few squares for charity using oddments you have around, or gather co-ordinating yarns specifically for a larger project such as in the log-cabin blanket above.

I hope that has given you some more ideas for #summerknitting to keep those knitting needles going over the summer! By the time September comes around you will be amazed at how productive you have been over the summer months. 

Happy Knitting!


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