23 Jun 2014

The murmur of a cool stream...

The murmur of a cool stream,
Bird song, ripe fruit in plenty,
Bright multicoloured tulips
and fragrant roses.

This poem depicting an ideal garden was written in about 1258 by Sa'adi in his work Gulistan. It sounds like the perfect description of a garden even today. You can almost smell the fragrance of the roses as you walk along the garden path.

The FFCT Wrap that I wrote about in the last blogpost was inspired by an absolutely wonderful display of tulips in one of our favourite locations, the botanical gardens in Kyoto. We were so fortunate to live close to these gardens a few years ago and like to revisit them from time to time. 

On this particular occasion, the gardeners had been busy planting several thousand tulips and there was an incredible variety of different flowers on show. Some were modern varieties with multiple petals and almost looked like rose-buds.

However, the ones that impressed me most were the traditional single flowers. They just had such an elegant simplicity. Set out into their rows and grids they had an order and pattern which emphasised their beauty and structure. As I sat looking at them, I thought how lovely they would be if captured in a knitted design.

I had brought some Rowan Wool Cotton 4-ply yarn with me on the trip and started experimenting when we arrived home. The result was the tulip lace-and-cable pattern used in the FFCT Wrap. The yarn brought out the structure of the tulip design and gave a wonderful depth to the pattern. 

The yarn is an interesting mixture as it combines two very different fibres. The cotton brings a crispness to the mix which emphasises the lines and curves in the pattern. However, a stole or shawl needs some gentle warmth if it is going to help keep you warm after the sun goes down, and this is provided by the merino wool in the blend. It makes a perfect combination for a summer wrap.

For more details about the FFCT (Feather and Fan, Cables and Tulips) pattern, please click here.

Happy Knitting!


. 23/12/18 W

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