8 Aug 2014

Blanket coverage

It's 31º C outside (that's 88º F) and steamy too. Yesterday there was an evening rainstorm but it didn't actually manage to take the temperatures down — if anything it just seemed to make things feel even stickier.

However, we all know the summer heat won't last. Already the sun is setting a little earlier each evening and the nights can have a bit of a cool edge. Before you know it you'll be looking for a cozy rug to spread over your knees or a blanket to throw on the bed as an extra layer.

So now's the time to start planning your autumn blanket knitting. Of course, it can be difficult to plan for the winter when it's quite so warm outside, so think back to last year for inspiration. Perhaps you would have liked a lap rug when the first of the cooler days arrived. Or a super-cozy blanket that would tuck in securely and keep all the draughts away. That's always such a comforting feeling, isn't it. I suppose it reminds us of our childhood to be well tucked in against the winter chills. 

Blankets need to be soft and warm if they are to do their job well, but it is also really important that they are the right size. A narrow blanket that lets cold air in every time you turn over will not be your favourite item! And that applies to short lap-rugs too. You don't want your feet to be getting cold every time you pull up a little bit of extra material to snuggle underneath while watching TV.

So I thought I would compile some sizes of blankets that work well for hand-knitted projects. Compare these to some of your old stand-bys and make any adjustments so that your next blanket will be your favourite of all time:

Knee-Rugs and Lapghans

Lap-Rugs are great for throwing over your legs at any time you need a small amount of extra warmth, but they do need to be wide enough so that draughts don't creep in. I find that a width of 100cm/40" works well for most situations and gives warmth without bulk.

The photo above shows a woven lap-rug of this size — about the maximum width for my 45" loom. Not a limitation for knitting of course! If I want to make a woven King-Sized blanket I would need to weave several pieces and then join them together, but this isn't the case with knitting. If I want to make a lap-rug or a double blanket I can — and without any seams!

In terms of the length, this depends on how you will use the knee-rug. For sitting in a chair or wheelchair, then work to about 115-120cm/45-48". If you like to relax with your feet on a foot-stool, then a length of 150cm/60" will keep your toes well covered. You can even add another 50cm/20" if you want an extra snuggle factor so that you can have a fold-over at the top or enough length to tuck underneath your feet.

Afghans / Throws

The best size for these will depend upon the chair they are going to be draped over, but a size that works well for most sofas is 130x150cm/50x60 ins. If you like to use your afghan as an occasional throw for a bed, then you could make this both a little wider and a touch longer to give an overall size of 150/60" wide x 185cm/72" long. That will give a good extra layer over a quilt.

The photo shows the Kingsfold Dorm Room Throw and you can read more about this here.


SINGLE / TWIN BLANKETS: A Single bed in the UK is a little narrower than a Twin in the USA. However, a good sized blanket for both places is 170cm/66" wide x 230cm/90" long. 

DOUBLE / FULL BLANKET: A Double/Full-sized bed is usually about 130cm/54" wide. However, the depth of the mattress can vary considerably between different brands. For a standard depth of mattress, aim for a blanket that is 200cm/78" wide x 250cm/100" long to give good coverage. If the mattress is an extra-deep one, then add an extra 20cm/8" to the width and 10cm/4" to the length.

QUEEN BLANKET: Queen size beds were not available at one time in the UK but they are becoming more popular over time as they do give a little extra room without being too dominant in a small bedroom. They are about 150cm/60" wide, so a little wider than a Double/Full-sized bed, and usually have deeper mattresses too. So for this size of bed, work a blanket 230cm/90" wide x 260cm/102" long.

The blanket pictured above and also at the top of this blogpost is the Henley Blanket worked in a 100% wool yarn. The pattern includes instructions for Single/Twin, Double/Full and Queen-sized beds. See the next blogpost for more details about this.

KING-SIZE BLANKET: In the UK, King-sized beds are 185cm/72" wide while in the USA they are about 10cm/4" wider. The mattress can also be quite substantially deeper in the USA. So for a UK King-sized blanket make this about 270cm/106" wide x 260cm/102" long. However, for a US King-size it would be better to be 290cm/115" wide x 275cm/108" long.

The King-size blanket pictured here is the Ocean Currents Blanket and you can read about this blanket here and here.

I hope this gives lots of good ideas for blanket sizes for future projects. Cozy winters are on the horizon!!

Happy Knitting!


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