14 Feb 2015

Chalfont Scarf

The news is full of stories about yet another blizzard in Massachusetts this weekend. There has been so much snow this winter! Yet we can all see the calendar and realize that it really is only a few weeks until Spring arrives. 

So now's the time to plan for some Spring-time knitting: stay indoors in front of a cozy fire today and knit a lovely scarf which will be useful for the sunnier days ahead.

Time to introduce the Chalfont Scarf. This is a real three-season scarf which can be worn right the way from the autumn-time through the depths of winter and into the cool of a spring evening. 

The photo above shows one great feature of this pattern – the scarf is completely reversible even when worked in two colours! No bi-colour purl bumps when you turn the scarf to the wrong side. There are so few lace patterns which can be worked with more than one colour, so this is a real bonus. 

The stitch pattern is called Roman Stripe Lace and is taken from our book, Reversible Knitting StitchesI wrote about this stitch in a previous blogpost, Reversible Stripes, so have a look there too for more details about this great stitch.

The Chalfont Scarf pattern includes three different sizes so you can tailor the scarf to your own requirements. The widest of these makes a lovely cozy scarf which is perfect for wrapping around your neck to really keep the winter chills away. 

There are also two narrower scarves which can be draped a little more openly and add a welcome transitional layer for the spring or autumn.

I have included three different colourways: a solid colour in a soft white which is just perfect for the winter, plus two striped colourways – a two-tone blue and a wonderfully earthy dark brown and russet combination. 

The scarves are worked in Valley Yarns Amherst, which is a favourite yarn of mine. It is made from soft merino wool and comes in a good range of colours.

For more details about the Chalfont Scarf, please click here.

Happy Knitting!


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