29 Apr 2015


There are many different websites and on-line sources where you can view and buy knitting patterns, including Craftsy, Etsy, LoveKnitting, Ravelry and many more. 

They seem to operate very happily next to each other as they each have their own character in terms of what they offer and their range of interests. It is also true to say that people get quite attached to one or another of these sites and will usually make it their "Go To" place. Perhaps the pattern search might suit you better on one site or the photo displays and knitting details might be more appealing in another.

One of the sites that I like working with is Kollabora. It is a fairly recent on-line source and I love the vitality and energy of the team behind it. You can feel their enthusiasm when you post a new project or upload a pattern. Their newsletters and updates fairly pulse with bright ideas coming from all different styles of textile crafts.

So, I felt very honoured when they asked if they could feature me in their series Nora Meets the Maker and the interview was published this week. I was initially wondering if I could find some pictures of me knitting outside, only to realize that in almost every photo I had knitting in my hands! Ah well, it's good to have obsessions...

Kollabora are also featuring my FFCT Wrap - Feather and Fan, Cables and Tulips pattern in their Spring-time knitting collection, so thank you to them in addition for that. There are more details about the FFCT Wrap here, and I also posted about the inspiration for the wrap here

Happy Spring Knitting!


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22 Apr 2015

Small is beautiful

This week sees the celebration of the 45th annual Earth Day, an event aiming to concentrate our eco thoughts for the year ahead. It's almost like making New Year's resolutions for the planet.

So my resolution for this year is to continue the battle against plastic bags. I made my first BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag! in 2007. That was after I saw reports that more than 12 billion plastic bags were used the previous year in the UK alone. 

Although the numbers are a bit less than that now, there were still an estimated 8.4 billion bags used last year in the UK — that's about 130 bags per person, which is an incredible number.

I saw a chart this week which showed a timeline for the average plastic bag. It had a tiny line which represented the typical usage for a plastic bag (15-20 mins) and underneath there was a very long line which showed the 1000 years it would take for that bag to break down. Focuses the mind somewhat, doesn't it.

So in celebration of Earth Day 2015, I have revamped the BYOB 2.0 pattern and added a new Small size to the line-up. There are now 4 different sized bags to choose from! 

I had some great messages when I added two extra sizes to the last BYOB - Bring Your Own Bag! a couple of years ago and I am pleased that they proved so useful. I was also pleased to hear that the Junior size in that version had worked out so well for gift bags and kiddy party bags! I hadn't thought of them for that but it seems such a lovely practical extra gift in addition to what's inside.

However, recently I had a couple of requests for an additional size intermediate between the Extra-small size and the two larger bags, so I am happy to oblige.

So (drum-roll...) please welcome the new "Small" size BYOB 2.0 - Bring Your Own Bag!, shown here in rather a dashing blue colour. The turquoise bag behind is the "Medium" size. The pattern also includes an Extra-Small bag and a Large size too, so hopefully now you will be able to find just the right bag for your needs.

The yarns used here are Lily "Sugar 'n Cream" in 18111 Mod Blue (Turquoise), 18001 White and 18725 Blueberry.

I have found the new Small size is perfect for trips to the shopping mall or to pick up a few items on the way home. I hope you find this newly expanded range of BYOB 2.0 sizes useful, and that you'll enjoy both knitting them and using them when you next head to the shops.

For more details about this newly-updated pattern and all the bag patterns I have available, please visit my website

Happy Knitting!



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