17 Aug 2015

New pattern - Hyland Cushions

It's time to start #KnittingAhead! This is the first in a blogpost series to get those knitting needles working again after the summer lull. As I wrote last week, Autumn is just around the corner! Before we know it, the temperatures will start to drop and the winter snows will arrive.

However, before that happens we will have the joy of all the beautiful Fall colours. It has already started here in New England, with the berries ripening and the leaves starting to get a reddish tinge. However, one colour that really stood out on a recent walk in New Hampshire was not red, but green! The greens were as vibrant as if the leaves were fresh and new. All too soon they will be turning yellow, but for now they are a wonderful shade of green, contrasting with the dusky haze of the distant hills.

The Hyland Cushions capture these colours and bring early autumn-time right into the room.

Cushions are a great way to update your decor. They are quick to work and you can just make one or two for an easy way to add impact. Then when you want to get ready for Thanksgiving or the holiday season they can be unzipped and replaced with some new ones for a completely different look.

The cushions feature a wonderful reversible stitch, Woven Reed Stitch, taken from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. Woven Reed Stitch is a very graphical stitch pattern with a very pleasing texture. It is also functional too as the ribbed sections of the pattern help to grip the cushion insert so that the covers stay in place well. 

Please see click here for more details about the Hyland Cushions knitting pattern.

So find where you stashed your needles, dust them off and make some cushion covers to get your autumn knitting started!

Happy Knitting!


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12 Aug 2015

Autumn's coming!

Have you felt it yet? The first cool winds of autumn? We stepped out of the car in Canterbury, New Hampshire the other day and were greeted by a cold breeze that said "Autumn's coming!" as clear as a bell. 

By the time we had reached the White Mountains the temperature was 57ºF / 13ºC and we were regretting our decision not to bring sweatshirts with us.

I suppose we shouldn't be surprised. After all it happens every year! But somehow, you don't expect to feel cold in August. Yet up here in the cool climes of New England the leaves are already starting to turn and the first snows are only about 2 months away. Frightening, but true.

So I am going to start a blogpost series on #KnittingAhead — ideas and new projects to start working on right now so that they will be ready when the cooler weather comes. 

After all, every knitter knows the length of time it takes to choose the yarn for a project, order it, make a start, make a 2nd start because the gauge was wrong (!) and then finally knit the item. If the snows are coming in 2-3 months, then now's the time to start thinking about getting the knitting needles out of their summer hibernation.

I'll be including items for the home, gift ideas and some warm weather accessories, such as the Grantchester Scarf pictured here.

In my next blogpost, I'll be posting details of a cushion inspired by the beautiful greens of our walk in the mountains. Until then, please enjoy the photo of our hike along the old logging rail track in Lincoln Woods, NH.

Happy Knitting!


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