28 Sept 2015

It's spooky how time flies

Have you any "little people" in your family? A brand-new autumn baby or a small toddler? Then you know the excitement that this time of year brings in the build-up to Halloween. 

If they are only babes-in-arms then they might not appreciate much as they are pushed along the neighbourhood streets from one glowing house to the next. But you know that next year they will be taking their first steps up to each front door, and the year after they will be running from one place to the next. By that time you will have your hands full trying to make sure they don't either get lost or eat too much before they get home again!

And before you think: "It can't be that time already" — yes it really is. Halloween is only 1 month away! Where is the time going this year...

However, before you start planning their costumes, why not try out this week's Knitting Ahead idea — a fall coloured blanket for their stroller or toddler bed. Those October evening's can be chilly, so a Pumpkin-coloured blanket will keep them toasty warm.

The picture at the top of this page shows a new pattern, the Winsford Stroller Blanket. This is a fairly quick project so there's easily enough time to make this before the big day. In addition to a stroller size, there's also a matching blanket for a toddler bed so everyone can have a cosy evening. Please see my next blogpost for more details.

If you would like to get ready to make this pattern, then you'll need about 350 gm of the orange colour and 250 gm of the yellow. I used Knit Picks Wool of the Andes worsted wt yarn in Cols #24655 Orange and #24650 Caution (amber/yellow), but any similar yarn would work well.

Happy Knitting!


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