8 Sept 2015

The Chill Zone

I spent a lot of this summer sitting. A summer 'flu was followed by bronchitis, leaving me wheezing and coughing for what seemed like weeks. When I eventually started to feel a little better, it was all I could do to just sit in a chair and watch the world go by while I recuperated.

That's when I noted something which I hadn't really appreciated before – you can get really cold when you are forced to sit for long periods of time. It was as though a chill was settling onto my lap and then spreading down into my knees and feet. Even on a warm day, I felt uncomfortably cool and I was soon reaching for an extra layer to wrap around me.

I am now fighting fit again, but it did get me thinking about this season's theme of Knitting Ahead. So here's this week's suggestion: how about knitting someone a lap-rug ready for the cooler weather. 

I am sure many of us know people who cannot move around as much as they used to. Perhaps you have an older relative who now needs to rest more than when they were younger, or a friend in a wheelchair. Or perhaps you'd even welcome a new lap-rug for yourself so that you can keep cozy when the cold, damp weather starts in earnest. Extra layers are always welcome!

The photos show a new pattern, the Ennismore Lap-Rug. I certainly found it kept my knees warm while I was working on it, so this should be a perfect choice for some autumn knitting. Please see the next blogpost for more details about this pattern. Cozy times are ahead!

Happy Knitting!


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