3 Oct 2015

New pattern - Winsford Stroller Blanket

October has arrived! And with it the scent of wood smoke in the air as the first fires of the year are lit to ward off the evening chills. There are more scarves in evidence on the streets, and I think perhaps I was the only one not wearing a jacket yesterday (my mistake — that wind had a distinctly cool edge to it!)

Here's something else I have seen this month — an increase in the number of little pumpkin figures on all the backpacks. We are in Japan right now and most of the girls have some kind of soft animal attached to their school bags at all times. Well, to be honest there's also a fair number of boys' bags with something attached too! But today, I saw Pooh Bear on a pumpkin, a super-hero-style teddy with an orange cape and several other ghouls, ghosties and other figures in Halloween outfits. 

Yes, Halloween is only 4 weeks' away and creeping up fast!

So, here's the blanket in pumpkin colours I promised last time, the Winsford Stroller Blanket. It features a most pleasing stitch, Wide Garter Columns, from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. This stitch has a wonderful interplay between the two yarn colours yet is easy to work. The blanket works up fast, so there is time to make this ready for baby's first Halloween outing!

The pattern comes in two sizes — a Stroller/push-chair size and a Toddler bed size. The Stroller blanket is a square pattern measuring 90x90 cm/36x36 ins, with rounded corners as an extra feature. The pattern is completely reversible too, so it is easy to put into position without having to worry which side is showing.

The Toddler-bed size is a little wider and longer (100x110 cm/40x45 ins), so would be perfect to keep your little one warm when they get back home again.

I used Knit Picks "Wool of the Andes" for this pattern in Colours #24655 Orange and #24650 Caution (an amber/yellow shade) and I love the way these combined together. However, any type of worsted-weight yarn would work if you already have something suitable in your yarn stash.

The pattern includes stitch charts and full line-by-line instructions and is available for instant download from my website — please click here for more details.  

Enjoy the build-up to Halloween! (And where can I find one of those little Pooh Bears on a pumpkin.....?)

Happy Knitting!


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