23 Nov 2015

Home for the holidays

Do you have children or teenagers coming for the holidays? If so, you know that when the adults are sitting in a slight stupour digesting their meal, the younger members of the family will be asking what's going to happen next. It's almost as inevitable as the question that came the day before: "Are we there yet?"

And even if you don't have little people arriving, then it's fun to have some activities planned for everyone to join in. So here's a great idea for a project that's fun and easy — make some bracelets out of yarn!

Getting the various items together can be the first fun expedition, and then turning the yarn first into I-cord and then into bracelets will help occupy many a happy hour together.

I have just posted the new Ryedale Bracelet pattern into my pattern store. The pattern includes detailed notes and step-by-step photos so even if you have not made these type of Paracord bracelets before, you'll soon be braiding like a pro.

I found all the items I needed for this project in the same craft-store, including the yarn. I used Patons Grace yarn in bright zingy colours of Aquifer/Turquoise, Ginger/Green and Lotus/Hot Pink. However, this 100% cotton yarn comes in all kinds of shades and there are some strong masculine colours too, so you can select whatever colour combinations you fancy. Purchase 1 ball of yarn in each of 3 or more colours to give you lots of options.

Then to make the I-cord, you'll either need some double-pointed needles, a Knitting Nancy (such as my old faithful above), or an automated cord-maker. I tried the Caron Embellish-Knit cord maker and found it very good. You do need to give it your full attention to watch that the stitches are forming correctly. However, using one of these devices can produce lengths of I-cord in a very short space of time.

While you're at the craft store, you'll also need to pick up a pack of "paracord buckles". These are side-release buckles with a slight curve on them to fit your wrist. I purchased black ones but they also come in some wonderfully colourful versions too.

I also purchased an "Ezzzy" bracelet-making jig (yes, there really are that number of zzz's in the middle of the name)! I suppose this is not strictly necessary, but it does seem to make the braiding easier. I like the way you can set the jig to the exact size you require and it certainly keeps everything good and tight while braiding.

You've probably already got the other items you'll need such as a tapestry needle, a crochet hook, measuring tape and a pair of scissors, so with these few new items you'll be good to go.

Once you have the I-cord prepared, you can set it up on the jig and you (or your small helpers) can start knotting away. Before you know it, they'll be finishing off the ends and showing off their brand-new bracelet. (Then probably having orders from everyone else in the room!)

For more information about the Ryedale Bracelet pattern, please click here.

Have a wonderful holiday and enjoy your bracelet-making!


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