6 Nov 2015

So it begins

One of the things I loved when we moved to the States about 20 years ago was that you could tell which month it was by looking at everyone's front gardens! In September, colourful yellow leaves festoon door wreaths and mailboxes, then in October white ghosts float from the trees while fake tombstones sit nestled in the long grass. 

In November, the ghosts have been replaced by garlands of red leaves and colourful gourds ready for Thanksgiving at the end of the month. Then in December, Christmas lights and berry-laden door decorations appear. It's magical.

It's a wonderful build-up to the end of year celebrations but more than that, the changing of the decorations gives us all a good "Heads Up!" that the Festive Season is well and truly on its way. 

So this week's #KnittingAhead idea is all about getting ready for your next big family event by making a brand-new table runner. These are always an elegant way to dress up your table, whether it is a small centrepiece for a display of fruits and vegetables or a lovely long runner falling gracefully over the ends of the table-top.

The photograph shows a new pattern, the Hamilton Table Runnerand I'll post more details about that in my next blogpost.

Until then, enjoy decorating the outside of your home in readiness!

Happy Knitting!


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