10 Dec 2015

Cushions for the deep mid-winter

Since ancient times, people have been decorating their homes with greenery in the mid-winter. In the UK, we tend to think that the tradition started with Prince Albert in the 1840's, but in fact the practice of decorating our homes with fir branches goes back several millennia before that.

The German tradition probably came from earlier Scandinavian pagan cultures who decorated their homes and barns with evergreens to ward off evil spirits. However, we can trace the idea even further back than that because evergreen wreaths and garlands were used by the ancient Egyptians and Chinese to symbolise eternal life.

Whatever the origin of the custom, it is true that we can't think of winter-time without also thinking about the deep green of fir and spruce. The branches bring in a sense of long life and well-being from the world outside. Amidst the snow and the cold, they seem to promise the return of Spring and warmer times ahead.

Now we just need to add some extra touches to bring that revitalising theme into the whole room. 

Yes, it's time for some mid-winter cushions!

The Verwood Cushions are worked in a beautiful deep-green bulky yarn so they knit up quickly. The cushions feature a cabled design called Crossed Rib from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. The cable design sits neatly embedded in deep textural ribs. The final result is squidgy and huggable — perfect for the time of year.

There are two different sizes so you can choose whichever suits your chairs and sofa best. The smaller size will fit a 40x40 cm/16x16 ins cushion insert or pillow form, while the larger is 45x45 cm/18x18 ins.

For more details about the Verwood Cushions pattern, please click here.

Make lots so that everyone has their own cushion to hug this mid-winter!

Happy Knitting!


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