24 Dec 2015

No time to knit him a scarf.....

OK, let's not be sexist about this. There's no time to knit anyone a scarf for this Christmas. It's Christmas Eve and unless you're Miriam Tegels (the current record holder for the faster knitter in the Guinness Book of Records), then there isn't even the faintest chance this will get done in time. 

So, what to do? Well, here's this week's #KnittingAhead idea: package up your Work in Progress! It will still be a wonderful surprise and now they can watch the item taking shape.

So here's what you need:

#1 — A colourful paper carrier bag or box: You can find these at the Post Office or supermarket, and pharmacies often have a great selection too. And if you can't find a ready-made container, then you can ask for a box at the supermarket and wrap it with some colourful paper.

#2 — Tissue paper / Lining paper: Place a couple of sheets of lining paper in the bottom of your box or bag and then scrunch another piece to add some volume. Loosely place a couple of sheets of tissue paper on top so that the sides of the bag are covered and you have made a "nest" in the middle.

#3 — Your yarn or work so far: If you have already made a start on the project, then place several unknit skeins or balls of yarn into your tissue paper nest. Now take your knitting needles and put an end-stopper on the open end(s) — you don't want some troublesome nephew to pull your precious work off the needles! Fold it up artistically and place it on top of the yarn. If you are working with straight needles then you can have the rounded ends showing at the top of the bag. 

Add another piece of tissue paper or two to cover the contents with a decorative flourish at the top.

#4 — A large envelope and your pattern: Print out a copy of your pattern, or at least just the first page showing what you are working on. If you have already left home, then you can find many places where you can print a page or two, such as hotels, pharmacies and stationery stores. Add a colourful sticky note or write on it: "Work in Progress" or "Some construction required." You'll be sure to get a smile when they read that!

Fold and place it inside the envelope then put that into the top of your bag, and you're good to go! Deadlines met and a touch of fun added as well.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow, full of good knitterly cheer all round.

Oh and if you want to know: Miriam Tegels hand-knitted 118 stitches in one minute in Swalmen, Netherlands on 26th August 2006. Amazing!

Happy Knitting!


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