26 Dec 2015

So now what?


The apr├Ęs Christmas time can be a bit disquieting for a knitter. There has been such a buzz about getting knitted presents finished, timelines seemingly getting shorter and shorter, what to pack, what to leave behind, whether they'll like it, whether it will fit.... It can all be a bit stressful. 

But then the next day comes. 
And you feel like saying, "So now what...?"

Well, this #KnittingAhead series has been all about planning for the whole season, so here's the final suggestion: start two projects that will be useful as soon as they come off the needles. 

Why two projects? Because you want one design that will be finished quickly, and one larger one to work on steadily through the long winter chill. Then when you finish the smaller item, start yet another one. 

Soon, you will have a large project growing steadily and impressively, plus a pleasingly large pile of finished objects keeping you and everyone around you warm through the winter.

The projects can either be well within your comfort zone, or a step ahead to develop your skills for the New Year — you decide. Do you feel like some easy knitting to de-stress, or do you want to challenge yourself and try something you've never tried before? This is "You" knitting, so even if it goes wrong no-one else is going to be wearing it, so now's the time to experiment if you fancy.

It has been remarkably warm on the East coast of the USA so far this winter, but cooler weather is coming very soon and I am going to suggest two projects to start your post-Christmas knitting: one is a great Beanie-style hat and the other is a bedspread / blanket. You couldn't get much smaller or much larger than that! I'll start with the hat and then post about the blanket next time.

The Delamere Hat has a pleasing rounded shape and features a wide turn-back brim to keep your ears warm. The hat is worked in Pinnacle Chevron pattern from our book, Reversible Knitting StitchesPinnacle Chevron gives a deep texture to hold the heat well. The shaping around the crown provides a wonderfully symmetrical pattern like a Spirograph star design.

There are 3 different sizes in the instructions but as the hats can be worked on either slightly smaller or slightly larger needles, there are actually 6 possible sizes from 45-60cm/18-24 ins. You'll only need 2-3 balls of a Worsted-weight yarn, so have a dig through your stash and see what you have already then you can make a start right away. 

For more information about the Delamere Hat pattern, please click here.

Back next time with the last blogpost of the year, and also the last in this #KnittingAhead series!

Happy Knitting!


. 26/7/18 W

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