25 Jan 2016

The frosty side of cool

Charles Dickens had it about right when he wrote about an old porter at the end of a long winter's day: 

"Toby's nose was very red, and his eye-lids were very red, and he winked very much, and his shoulders were very near his ears and his legs were very stiff, and altogether he was evidently a long way upon the frosty side of cool."
"The Chimes", 1844.

Oh yes, it's cold right now. Snow-drifts, howling gales, sharp northerly winds — brrrr. We even had frosts down in Florida this morning. However, ever an optimist, I can see that the official start of Spring in less than 2 months away! It's hard to believe, isn't it? The months go by faster every year. 

So I have been enjoying working with some cotton yarns and there are a number of projects on my needles right now in lovely soft cottons. I have just finished a few men's ties in KnitPicks Cotlin yarn, a crisp cotton/linen mix, and a bathmat in DMC Natura XL chunky cotton, which is pictured at the top of this blogpost. I have to say the bathmat has already been pressed into service to keep my toes from contacting chilly tiled floors.

I also have some placemats started in Rowan Denim yarn and a little girls' dress planned too. I am certainly living up to my blogpost where I suggested starting several projects at once! My yarn drying racks are filled with cotton yarns in varying stages of washing and drying and I have a pleasingly large number of skeins waiting to be wound back into balls again. 

I hope everyone is keeping warm, and finding enough projects to do in front of a cozy fire. Perhaps think towards Spring and start swatching the cotton yarns in your stash.

Happy Knitting!


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Thanks to my DH Tim for his photo of the DMC Natura XL yarn. For more of Tim's photos please see his Flickr Site.

. 23/12/18 W

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