13 Jan 2016

Without the Ocean

It is amazing how different a pattern can look when you work it with a different colour, an alternative yarn or with slightly larger or smaller needles. Here's a recent example of a multi-coloured pattern being worked in a single natural colour and looking completely different from the original.

This is the Ocean Currents Blanket pattern I was writing about a few weeks ago, but this time without the ocean!

I have recently been knitting a few projects with Cascade "EcoCloud" which is a gorgeously soft merino / alpaca mix with a very interesting chainette structure. The yarn is, in effect, like a slim i-Cord and really holds the heat well. Between the two ultra-soft fibres in the blend and the airy-ness of the structure, it is super cozy in use. 

I had a ball of the Cream colour left over after I had finished a little baby jacket and have just worked up a swatch using the Ocean Currents Blanket pattern. The result is a lovely retro sampler effect which really highlights the different patterns used in the design. The yarn shows the stitches well and I think a blanket or throw worked in this colourway would be perfect to add an extra layer to a chilly bedroom.

The yarn is 150m/164 yds:100gm ball, so is a little thicker than the one suggested in the pattern. I worked the sample on one size larger needles to compensate for this and to maintain the open feel of the fabric and it worked out beautifully.

OK, who has some good offers on Cascade yarns right now..? I feel a creamy blanket moment coming on!

You can see me knitting the original Ocean Currents Blanket in this blogpost, and read more about the knitting pattern here and here.

Happy Knitting!


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