4 Jun 2016

Tranquility, Strength and Optimism

Blue is everywhere. It's the colour of the sky, the sea, lakes and oceans. We see it in the edge of a glacial iceflow or the vibrant shade of a robin's egg. 

Our woodlands spring into early summer with carpets of bluebells, and we name some of our most treasured places with names such as the Blue Mountains of Australia, or the Blue Ridge Parkway of North Carolina - one of my favourite places to sit and knit.

It is no coincidence that the Japanese word for indigo blue, Ai, is also the word for love. 

And it would be hard to imagine a Pantone colour forecast without some kind of blue in it. Who can forget the vibrant royal blue sweaters and dresses from the 1980's? They were everywhere. The same colour came back in a couple of years ago and had a brief flurry of interest, with cobalt skirts and jackets in the shops once again.

However, since then colours have toned down quite considerably. Here is the colour forecast for Fall/Winter 2015/2016 with the "Stormy Weather" colour I featured before. In this forecast collection the blue was dark, reflective, almost retiring and sombre.

However, for the next season Blue has become lighter again and is not just one of the colours in the palette - it is taking centre-stage. Pantone speaks of "the desire for tranquility, strength and optimism" inspiring a colour palette led by blues. The one above is Riverside, a wonderful shade with the feel of traditional indigo. The forecast notes speak of a "cool and calming colour" which maintains a sense of constancy.

But this is not just the colour for the Autumn. It is also the colour for now, and in the next blogpost I will be featuring some knitted placemats in just this shade. Cool enough for a summer lunch under the sun umbrella. Constant enough for autumn meals safely back indoors again.

Until then — Happy Knitting!


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. 27/7/18 W

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