14 Sept 2016

A different kind of Stitch Book

I love books of knitting stitches. I have quite a number of them now and regularly look through them all. The first one I bought was when we were living in Japan a few years ago and it's still one of my favourites. I love the large photos, the clear stitch charts and extra project photos scattered throughout the book — totally inspiring jackets, cardigans and sweaters.

So when Anna and I decided to publish a book about Reversible Knitting Stitches, that's what we planned too: not just to list the stitches but to really explore each of them and add a good number of project photos to show how the stitches can be used. In short, we wanted this to be a sourcebook about reversible knitting.

So here's the first stitch in our new book, Reversible Knitting Stitches:

There are 200 stitches in the book and every one of them shows both the front of the sample and the back — even when both faces look the same, as in the example above! 

Then alongside, we have described them: how they look, feel, and suggestions for using them. It is, after all, almost impossible to tell from a photo whether a stitch is going to be flexible and a good weight for a blanket or if it would be better-suited as a firm teapot stand. So every stitch includes a number of project suggestions.

We have also included a Difficulty symbol at the top to show whether this is a good stitch for a Beginner or Intermediate knitter, for example. There's an index at the end of the book too, so you can just look at stitches that are easier or set yourself a challenge and explore the Advanced ones!

Then on the next page there are stitch charts and full line-by-line instructions for every stitch, so you can follow whichever suits you best. 

The book is formatted so you can read it on your computer, tablet or phone and of course you can zoom the display to really look at the details clearly. This is great for anyone preferring larger print, of course, as you can enlarge the page to check on any specific information.

Then scattered throughout the book we have included photos of more than 50 finished items to inspire you. For example, in Anna's lovely Baby Blue Sweater above, she has used Seed Stitch as a pretty trim for the cuffs, neckline and lower edge. 

If you would like to read more details about this new book, then please click here. The book is available as an E-Book, a Print book or a Print and E-Book Package. 

Happy Reversible Knitting!


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Anna's Website: www.kikuknits.com

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