7 Sept 2016

And then there were lots!

In my last blogpost I reported how my knitter-daughter Anna and I had decided to take our fascination with reversible knitting to the stage of writing a book.

So having decided to do this, we then set to in earnest. Since Anna lives in England and I spend most of my time in the States, this was an interesting exercise!

We scoured our local libraries, dived into previously unexplored knitting tomes and unearthed School Knitting Primers from Victorian times. We swapped ideas and samples, spent endless hours on Skype, and filled many a happy day knitting, knitting, knitting.

By the next time we got together there were hundreds of knitting samples filling boxes and overflowing into cupboards and onto shelves. Then we started the fun part: trying to reduce them down to our favourite 200 reversible samples.

Now we had our starting material it helped us crystallise our ideas. We decided that we wanted this to be a knitting stitch compendium but with a vital difference: we wanted to really explore the stitches and give inspiration on how to use each of them — in short to be not just a list of stitches, but a sourcebook of reversible knitting.

More about this next time . . . . .

Happy Reversible Knitting!

Moira and Anna

Last Blogpost: A hint of what's to come
Anna's Website: www.kikuknits.com

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