4 Oct 2016

The crispness of the air

I love this time of year — the crispness of the air, the sharp tang of the early-morning breeze as it touches your face, the colours of the leaves as one by one they change first to yellow then rosy red.

It always comes as a surprise, but also as a reassurance — like the start of a new year. 

Last week saw us in the White Mountains, one of our favourite places in New England. 

I sat on a rock warmed by the late morning sun as my husband scrambled down a ledge towards a waterfall. He set up his tripod and selected his lenses, first one and then another, adjusting to the changing light as it filtered through the leaves. And I knitted.

He carefully shifted position to a rock set in the middle of the stream and took a large number of photos until he was happy that he had captured the flow of the iron-rich water over the underlying rocks.

And I sat, listened to the birds, gazed out at the distant hills and knitted — just a perfect day.


For more of Tim's pictures, please see his Flickr site.
Photos taken at the Ammonoosuc Falls, New Hampshire.

Our book: Reversible Knitting Stitches

. 27/7/18 W

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