10 Nov 2016

Lazy summer days now just a memory

We were in Cambridge a couple of months ago. It was one of those lazy summer days when the most energetic thing we wanted to do was walk down from the restaurant through the Grantchester Meadows to the river below. 

The sun was shining and the punts were meandering slowly along the river, picnickers were feeding the ducks, or just sitting with their feet dabbling in the slowly-moving stream.

Ah, if only one could bottle days like that... The gentle breeze rhythmically blowing the tops of the grasses into waves of movement, the buzzing insects busily visiting the nodding purple heads of clover.

Pink Floyd wrote a song about this very place:

See the splashing of the kingfisher flashing to the water. 
And a river of green is sliding unseen beneath the trees 
Laughing as it passes through the endless summer 
Making for the sea. 

and before them, Rupert Brooke wrote his poem, The Old Vicarage, Grantchester in nostalgic mood from his sick bed in Berlin. It ends: 

Yet stands the clock at ten to three?
And is there honey still for tea?

But, no. Summer has gone and a chill east wind has been bringing down the last of the autumn leaves. The snow that has been in the north this week hasn't arrived in Grantchester yet, but it certainly looks as though it might arrive soon. 

About this time last year, I was knitting a stitch pattern from our new book, Reversible Knitting Stitches, and made what proved to be a super-cozy scarf. As soon as I put it on, I felt warmer and my mind immediately went to the cold, swirling winds of Cambridgeshire. So I named it the Grantchester Scarf.

The stitch pattern is called Ribbon Basket Pattern and is one of my favourite reversible stitches from the book. I love the way the rib and garter patterning make the design move so that the surface becomes covered with deep rugged folds. 

If you would like to see more details about the Grantchester Scarf, then please click here.

Many thanks once again to Tim for his photos. I wouldn't get half as much knitting done without being able to sit and knit while he is taking his great photos! If you'd like to see some more of his work, then please have a look at his Flickr site.

Until next time — Happy Autumn Knitting!


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  1. An enchanting walk through the changing of season bringing a visual warmth with it. Lovely ...
    I must get better at knitting so I can accomplish making this beautiful scarf.
    It was a pleasure to meet you Moira. I hope to see you again.
    Isadora ��

    1. Thank you so much, Isadora. So glad you enjoyed reading about Cambridge & Grantchester.


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