25 Mar 2017

Reversible Knitting Stitches E-Book - An update and a request

Exciting news about our E-Book, Reversible Knitting Stitches — we are now working on a print version of this book and hope to have that available in the autumn! 

We have almost finished reformatting this ready for printing and hope to get everything through the various editing stages soon. 

We are also releasing a new update for the E-Book today. This includes a new sample, Textured Knot Stitch, in Chapter 1. This is one of my new favourite stitches and we just had to include it in the book. 

We have also added a photo of Anna's beautiful Nokomis Beach Bag as an extra project idea in Chapter 4. I am totally in love with this bag so we wanted to squeeze it in. 

There are also some new sample photos, including Wide Mistake Rib on Pg 158. Mistake Rib is such a versatile stitch and gives a lovely warm result. I love both the original version and the wider one which has an even more pronounced textural finish, so we wanted to include an extra sample to show the differences.

We also managed to pick up some extra typos and errata that we missed in the previous version. It's amazing how those slip through, isn't it. 

And here's our request: Have you seen anything else that needs to be updated before we go to print? Please do let us know if anything is not clear or if you think there may be an error in the pattern information. We have loved all your suggestions so far, so please keep them coming in. 

And one final piece of news: We will be offering a Print and E-Book package when the print version is released. Printed books are great when you're at home, but it's hard to carry them with you when you're travelling. This way, you'll be able to access the book on the go or at your desk!

We'll have more details about that closer to the time and will post news about that here.

For more details about this innovative stitch book then please click here

Happy Reversible Knitting! 


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