26 Sept 2017

Two new beanie hats!

We had our first Frost Warning yesterday, prefacing the inexorable slide into winter here in Massachusetts. I don’t know why it always comes as a surprise but every year there seems to be one week when we have the air conditioning running and then the next we are wondering whether we should put the heating on! 

Mind you, it is quite clear that the colder weather is coming — the squirrels and chipmunks are dashing around as though this might be the last day they can gather acorns and fruit without burrowing under the snow, and any strong breeze is accompanied by an absolute confetti shower of yellow leaves.

Well, it might be chilly outside but Autumn always gives me a renewed sense of purpose. After all, the items I am knitting now will be keeping somebody warm in just a few days’ time!

I have been knitting hats recently and have two new styles that I have just uploaded to my pattern collection. The first of these is the Northstowe Beanie Hat. This is a man’s beanie-style hat with a wonderfully rugged outdoor look. It features strong textural details, with a wide rib pattern intersected by narrow garter stitch bands.

The pattern includes three sizes, from Medium to Extra Large, and the samples I have worked are in a fashion-forward graphite colour or a rich blue to team with jeans. I have used the Socks Yeah DK yarn I discovered on my recent UK trip for this hat, but any similar DK yarn could be used instead. The hats are worked with two strands of yarn held together and this really gives a chill-beating finish.

The 2nd hat is a ladies’ beanie, the Madingley Beanie Hat. This has extra textural detailing with a wonderful double-banded rib patternThis is a variation of Hatfield Check from our new book, Reversible Knitting Stitches.

The hat has a lovely comfortable fit and the stitch pattern gives it that extra feminine touch. It would be perfect for your morning commute to the office or to college, but would also be great for a long country walk kicking up the autumn leaves.

The Madingley Beanie pattern also includes three sizes, and I have worked the samples in a gorgeous silvery grey shade and a turquoise — which I see from the Fall catwalk shows is this year’s go-to colour!

The Northstowe and Madingley hats co-ordinate very well with each other so if you fancy a stroll in the woods with your loved one by your side, then you can both wear your new hats and look the loving couple that you are. He could also wear the Teversham Cowl that I wrote about last time as it is worked in the same yarn.

To see more details about the Northstowe Beanie Hat for men, please click here,

and for the Madingley Beanie Hat for ladies, then please click here.

Until next time — Keep Warm!


. 23/12/18 W

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