22 Dec 2017

The Cold Gap

Hooded scarves are back in fashion! They have been heavily featured in many fashion shows recently and are now making their appearance on the streets from places as far apart as New York and Tbilisi.

And with good reason — they're one of the best ways of closing that gap at the top of your collar. You know the one. Where that last snowflake just fell onto your bare neck. Or where the draught that's whistling across the common found a way to sneak in — brrrr. 

A hooded scarf neatly fills that gap, adding warmth just at the point where it is needed.

Then when the going gets really tough and the icy rain is driving through the bus shelter, you can bring the hood up and hold it neatly in place with the attached scarf. You'll be the warmest person getting onto the bus that day!

This is the 11th in a 12-part series looking at stitches from our Reversible Knitting Stitches book and items that can be made from them. Today I have chosen Irish Moss Stitch from Chapter 2 of the book and one of my favourite patterns of Anna's, the Vera Hooded Scarf.

Irish Moss Stitch is another old knitting stitch and has many names, including Double Moss Stitch and Box Stitch, because the pattern has a neatly ordered arrangement of doubled knits and purls. The stitch is truly reversible and lays beautifully flat.

It is a fairly easy stitch to work and has a very similar gauge to Stocking Stitch so can be used as a feature panel in a plain garment. The fabric has an interesting texture and would be a lovely choice for lap rugs and baby blankets. 

The soft, chunky yarn used in the Vera Hooded Scarf really shows this stitch beautifully. The scarf is quick to make, so you can easily run up a few of these in different colours to match your outfit for the day. The ends of the scarf are gently shaped so they hold neatly in place when the scarf is wrapped around your shoulders. 

The nice thing about a hooded scarf is that you don't have separate items to deal with, such as a hat and a scarf. So much easier to have them attached, and the Vera hooded Scarf has a generously sized hood which is easy to lift into place. Then when you reach a warmer location, you can slip the hood back down. 

However, even when the hood is down the scarf continues to hug your shoulders, holding in the warmth and helping to maintain your core temperature.

To read more about the Vera Hooded Scarf, please click here

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To read more about the Reversible Knitting Stitches book, please click here
The book is available as an E-Book, a Print book, or a Print and E-Book Package.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Reversible Knitting!


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