12 Dec 2017

It's all about the 12's

I have spent the day musing on the number 12. Today is the 12th of December and it's one of the twelve times in the year when the way I write a date is the same as the way my American pals would write it! Yesterday, for example, was 11/12/17 to me, but most of the folks around me would say that day was a month ago (Nov 12th)! However, today is 12/12/17 for both of us.

So I started thinking about the number 12 and found some really interesting facts: Did you know that 12 is the smallest number that can be divided by 6 numbers? (ie 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 12.) 

Maybe that's one of the reasons we use 12 for so many things. It is easy to package half a dozen eggs, for example. Much harder to package up half a count of 10.

When we had 12 pence (12d) to the shilling in the UK, then sweets could be sold as so many per shilling so you could easy buy a quarter or half of the amount. So much harder with decimal.

Twelve is one of those numbers that just seems easy to work with and to understand — a number that just comes "naturally". 

When we were looking through the stitch patterns for our Reversible Knitting Stitches book, for example, we sorted the samples into categories and very early on in the process found that we had 12 of them. 

It just felt "right", so we went ahead and set up 12 chapters.

So, I am going to post a series of 12 blogposts over the next 12 days, each one featuring a stitch from the book and showing a knitting pattern where the stitch has been used. 

Today's stitch pattern is, appropriately, from Chapter 12 and is called Crossed Rib

Reversible cable patterns are very beautiful and are usually worked by cabling a 1x1 rib. The single rib closes up so that it almost looks like Stocking Stitch but if you gently stretch it sideways you will see the base rib structure.

However, the problem comes when you try to twist the ribs to form a cable. In a number of reversible cable patterns, the cables end up being very bulky and unsatisfactory. However, in Crossed Rib the stitches on the front face are twisted separately from the ones on the back. This gives a much smoother finish. 

In the book, we have given directions for two versions: one where the cable is seen on both sides, and the other which just has the cabling on the front face. I have used the 2nd form in the Verwood Cushions pattern above. 

In the cushions, I modified the pattern a little bit so that the cables are slightly separated by intermediate ribs. This gives a lovely result with the cable nestled down between the soft ribs, giving an attractive and very comfortable finish — just perfect for a winter cushion.

For more details about the Verwood Cushions pattern, please click here

To read more about the Reversible Knitting Stitches book, please click here. The book is available as an E-Book, a Print book or as a Print and E-book package.

Until tomorrow,

Happy Reversible Knitting!


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