22 Feb 2018

Snow gently falling

I am sitting in front of a cosy fire right now while the snow is gently falling outside. I have a cup of tea on the table next to me along with a rather fine gluten-free cookie and my knitting basket is close at hand, so I am contented for the next little while. 

However, since I have only just come in from 4 hours spent chipping ice off the driveway I am not sure if I am going to manage much knitting anytime soon. I should perhaps have been sensible and stopped about two hours ago!

I was nice and warm though, working steadily and wrapped up against the elements. That's the beauty of being a knitter: that you usually have the perfect item to help you keep warm, no matter what the elements throw at you. I find I don't usually even need a jacket once I have donned my favourite gardening sweater and woolly hat.

However, one item I don't have right now and could do with is some fingerless mitts. I realised this the other day when Anna sent me some photos of her latest knitting pattern, the Frost Fighters - Headband and Mittens. These look perfect for this time of year, when the temperatures can change from balmy to f-f-freezing overnight.

Fingerless mitts are so useful when you are cycling or texting, as the main part of your hands are kept warm but without restricting your movements. They are also great when you are working outside, such as on a market stall. A friend of mine always says it helps her rheumatic thumb keep warm if she wears fingerless mitts, too.

Anna has used a reversible cable stitch from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches. This is the Ribbed Cable pattern, which is a wonderfully graphic stitch. On one side, single rib columns meet and divide giving a dynamic look, while the other face has soft flowing cables of stitches twisting together with a lovely padded texture.

The Frost Fighters mitts can use either side as the one on show, giving two quite different looks. 

The set includes both the mitts and a headband so you can keep your ears warm at the same time. For more details about the Frost Fighters set, please click here.

And now it's time for that cup of tea and for me to finish off the scarf I was talking about in my last blogpost.

Until next time — Keep warm!


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