27 Aug 2018

Stripes for Summer and Winter

Today is Autumn Bank Holiday in the UK, usually seen as the grand finale of the Summer Season. Up and down the country, families will be returning from their holidays and getting ready for the start of the new school term.

It can feel a little sad to see a season end, especially when it has been as exceptional as this one! However, I have to admit to liking these transition times. The summer is wonderful with bright clear skies, the feeling of the sea breezes in your hair and walking aimlessly on sandy shores. But one day along comes a slightly cooler wind and you feel that wonderful thrill of anticipation imaging knitting warm scarves and blankets ready for the winter ahead. 

So here in the last of the Summer and Winter series, I am thinking of stripes: stripes to capture those beautiful summer colours in a set of cushions, and stripes on a warm rug to step onto when you emerge from the shower.

It is one of the delights of knitting that you can be sitting one moment by a limpid pool with a set of colouring pencils in your hand, sketching the rocks or perhaps just letting the sound of the gulls wash over you. Then a short while later, you find yourself in a yarn store and the self-same colours are in your hands.

These cushions arose from just such an occurrence. There was a brief 15 minute interlude between a walk by the harbour in Venice, Florida and finding these yarns in the small yarn boutique close by. I wrote about this in a previous blogpost, but it still amazes me. The very same blues and turquoises I had just seen down by the harbour, and now they are a set of cushions

A memory of summer.

Of course, at the moment you don't need to go very far back to remember the summer-time. But now delve further back in your mind to last winter... Can you recall that cold feeling when you stepped onto the icy bathroom floor first thing in the morning? The heating hadn't fully kicked in yet and the tiles seemed to be draining away every last ounce of warmth from your morning shower... Remember that feeling – argh!

Well, here's something to help. A cozy bathroom rug with colours to chase away the chills! The rug is worked in a soft chunky wool-mix yarn and knits up quickly. You'll be able to knit this as the leaves change colour around you, then when winter sets in you'll be able to face your shower without the shock of the cold floor to follow.

The cushions are my Derwent Cove Cushions and you can read more about them here
The wonderfully colourful Loopy Rug is one of Anna's patterns, and you can find it by clicking here.

Both patterns are available for instant download from the pattern sites, and both are also graded as "Easy" – perfect for getting back into knitting after the long lazy summer.

I hope you have enjoyed this exploration of knitting patterns for Summer and Winter. See you in September!

Happy Knitting,


Anna's Website: www.kikuknits.com

. 10/9/18


  1. Always inspiring! Now I remember the loopy stitch! And I was wondering what to do with leftover yarn from my recent Cosmic blanket CAL. Stripes, of course!

    1. Sounds perfect, Glenna! Great use for some leftover yarn.


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