13 Sept 2018

Postcard from Sweden - Collecting colours and umlauts

We have arrived in Sweden and have been greeted by clear blue skies, autumnal colours and amazingly friendly people. We are visiting our daughter Anna and her fiancé in their new home in Eskilstuna, a small town about an hour's drive to the west of Stockholm.

The town is not far from a large lake called Lake Mälaran and yesterday we visited Sundbyholm, where there is a beautiful marina and lake-side beach. We battled against a strong wind to the end of the headland and I was exceedingly glad that I had brought my Sawston Infinity Scarf with me. Gosh, that wind was chilly! Such a contrast to our usual Florida temperatures.

Tim found an impressive avenue of trees leading up to the nearby castle, with fallen leaves in oranges and reds already carpeting the path between.

Later we went into Eskilstuna, where a similar carpet lay under a Crabapple tree, only this time the colour came from hundreds of small red crabapples, with a heady aroma of sweet cider filling the air.

Today, we drove a little further away to a town called Västerås, with old cobbled streets and timber-framed buildings running alongside a small stream. The Cathedral in the centre of town was particularly striking, with bright stained-glass windows in blues and greens. I could imagine many of the colour combinations in knits!

Our visit was made complete by discovering a wonderful small yarn store, Upplings Yarn, as we were walking around the town. I particularly enjoyed exploring some yarns from Sweden and Norway that I had not seen before.

Many thanks to my DH Tim for all the great photos above – and here are a couple of fun ones to finish. "Tim" means hour in Swedish, so all the parking signs have his name on them!

And here is another fun discovery we made: a tourist destination with 4 umlauts! I'm now on the lookout for any place with more – let me know if you have seen any.

Until next time, Happy Knitting!


Anna's Website: www.kikuknits.com

Many thanks to Tim for his photos. If you would like to see more of his work, then please visit his Instagram page.

. 22/9/18

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