5 Mar 2019

A return to winter and a new scarf

It’s been an odd year for weather. Last week in the UK people were sitting in the parks surrounded by daffodils and basking in the warm Spring sun. This week, Storm Freya has blown that wonderful sunshine away with freezing temperatures returning alongside the strong winds and rain. 

Meanwhile in Boston, there has been so much snow in this first week of March! Over a foot of snow arrived yesterday and for a time 2-4 inches of snow were falling every hour. A real return to winter. 

We had just the same last year, when our arrival back in the North-East saw the start of four storms, one coming right after the next until there were walls of snow on all the roads and driveways. As one of the commentators on CBS said,

“Call it what you want but suddenly March is becoming the new February.”

He may well be right there. Well, I for one am not going to stop my winter knitting just yet! So I have just finished up another winter scarf and I can see this is going to be needed straight away. 

This is the Karlskrona Scarf, a strongly textured man’s scarf with a really interesting reversible stitch pattern. This features a dynamic zig-zag design on the front and a well-defined vertical stripe on the reverse. 

Both sides show a classic symmetry that is both pleasing to knit and to wear. The stitch is also easily memorised so is a great fire-side pattern to work. What could be better after a morning shovelling snow than to sit in front of the fire, a cup of tea to hand and a new project on your needles. Sounds a perfect combination to me!

For more details about the Karlskrona Scarf please click here. The pattern includes three different sizes and is available for instant download from my website. 

The stitch pattern is taken from our book, Reversible Knitting Stitches and you can find more details about ordering your own copy of the book here.

Until next time - keep warm!


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Thanks to Tim for his great photos! If you would like to see more of his work, please find him on Instagram: @xidman

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