30 Dec 2019

Keep those ears warm

Things get tricky when you have a pony tail... You want to keep warm but your favourite hat won't fit. You can lift your parka hood up but that still doesn't bring the circulation back into your ears and you start to believe the old wives' tail about losing half of your body heat through your head in winter!

So here's the solution: a cozy headband or ear-warmer. Quick to knit, easy to make and super-stylish, these small accessories are a must for deep winter. Here are two of my favourites that you can knit now ready for the New Year snows.

The two photos above show Anna's Frost-Fighter Headband and Mitts – a super combination to keep both your ears and hands warm. Anna tells me that she especially likes using the headband when she is out on her morning run as it not only keeps her warm but also keeps her hair out of her eyes.

The set is worked in one of my favourite yarns, Willow and Lark 'Nest' and the pattern includes two different sizes.

The pattern features a lovely stitch from our Reversible Knitting Stitches book. This is the Ribbed Cable stitch which is a wonderfully graphic stitch with quite a different look on the front and the back. Both sides are well-padded for extra insulation and the texture feels good against chilly ears.

The second headwarmer I am featuring today is the Teversham Headwarmer, shown here with the matching cowl which is also included in the pattern. This is a super-toasty headwarmer worked with two ends of a DK yarn held together. The combination of a soft merino mix yarn and the deep, textural pattern gives a winning head-warming combination.

This is a lovely deep headwarmer and is shaped to the head like an open-topped hat to give a cozy fit for a "messy bun hat" look. The pattern includes three sizes of headwarmer together with the separate cowl which would make a good men's accessory for that all-important couples' look on the ski-slopes.

Both the headwarmer and the cowl are worked in a textured double rib pattern which is a variation of the Hatfield Check pattern from our Reversible Knitting Stitches collection. The stitch is easy to work and gives a wonderfully graphic spin on a double rib design. 

Both the headwarmer and the cowl have colour bands which are worked with either two ends of the same colour or a tweedy combo of the dark and light yarns for a snow-specked effect.

I hope that has given you some ideas for some cozy headwarmers to keep your ears warm in these ultra-chilly days. If you would like to see more ideas for keeping warm this winter, then please click here to go to the start of this blogpost accessories series.

It's almost New Year so if you have snow where you are, I hope you will enjoy wearing your new cozy accessories while you have fun snow-tubing, ski-ing or having a fun snowball fight!

Until next time – Happy New Year Knitting!


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