26 Jun 2020

It started with a placemat...

I'm back with news about an update to our Reversible Knitting Stitches E-book! You may recall that back in January, Anna and I set ourselves the challenge of adding 20 new stitches to our E-book for 2020. 

The idea had come to me when I was making a new set of placemats as I had been playing around with different stitch variations and loved the new stitch that I ended up with. 

It was only a minor change in the stitch chart from one of the stitches in the book but the final result looked so different! The front face had a strong cellular pattern while the reverse side showed smooth undulating ribs – just perfect for placemats and coasters.

I e-mailed Anna and said how I'd love to add this to a new updated E-book, and we got to wondering if we could find some others. Of course, what we didn't know at the time was that the Coronavirus lockdown was about to happen and a full program of travelling was going to be cancelled... 

At first, there was a tremendous disappointment at so many plans being abandoned and that awful feeling of helplessness watching the news unfold around the world. However, in the end I was grateful to have such a fun project to focus on during the extra time at home.

So I got my knitting pins out and made sure I had a large basket of wool by my side and Anna did the same over in Sweden. Then we had a chat about what we wanted to achieve with the new additions. 

We decided to focus on 4 areas: Firstly, we wanted to add some more easy stitches so beginner knitters could extend their range and produce great knitted projects without having to concentrate too hard. 

Then secondly, we wanted to add some more examples of colourful reversible stitches. These are, of course, the Holy Grail of knitters since it is so hard to make multi-colour items that really look good on both sides. We did have some examples in the 1st Edition but we wanted to make sure we had a few extra ones to add to the new update.

Then thirdly, we had received a number of requests for more reversible lace patterns. It is easy to understand why, since lace is so often used for shawls where both sides are on show. The 1st Edition had quite a good selection of lace and mesh designs, but there's always room for more! 

Then lastly, we thought the reversible cable chapter was a bit 'thin' before, so we wanted to add a good number of additional cable samples. We are very pleased with the new ones and I am excited to try some of them out for warm winter scarves and sweaters.

So, ... drumroll ... the 2nd Edition will have 250 stitches in it!! Yey! We are so pleased to have been able to add so many new stitches, and hope that everyone enjoys the extra examples we have included. 

We were only hoping for an extra 20 but the ideas really started to flow once we got down to it. In fact the book actually has 253 entries but we thought "250 stitches" sounded better in the title!

We also added lots of new project ideas, so that there are now over 75 project photos scattered through the book. Most of these new ones are from Anna, and I love having more of her playful colourful designs showing the range of projects that can be worked with reversible stitches.

We already have all the photographs taken and the pages formatted so the book is now going through editing. We hope to complete that stage in perhaps another month or so, all being well. So we are currently on target to have this up and ready by the autumn. 

In the meantime, I will leave you with the pattern I was mentioning at the top of the blogpost. This is the Trevarren Placemat Set and you can find the pattern on my website here.

Until next time,

Happy Knitting!


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