26 Aug 2020

New pattern – Beckenham Ladies Scarf

I love knitting in cotton at this time of year. Florida is just way too sticky for working on wool projects, especially if you are trying to knit outside! Plus, I always feel the need for some new cotton knits for the end of summer. And have you noticed that the evenings are getting cooler? Even the hottest of days can feel slightly chilly when the sun dips below the horizon. Autumn is clearly just around the corner. 

So here are three cotton scarves to help bridge that transition – perfect for days down at the beach or meeting up with friends for an afternoon picnic in the park. 

And perfect, too, if you are unable to wear wool. There used to be such poor options for non-wool yarn but things are much easier these days, with a wider range of options and on-the-dot fashion colours.

This is the Beckenham Ladies Scarf and it features a wonderfully textured reversible pattern from our Reversible Knitting Stitches book. The stitch is called Seeded Chevron and I used a variation of the same stitch for a scarf pattern for men, the Beckenham Scarf. It is one of my favourite stitch patterns in the book and I have enjoyed working on some new items to co-ordinate with the men's version.

These new scarves have a softer, more feminine touch with neat seed stitch edges and a pleasing symmetrical patterning. The top and lower edges blend the seed stitch into the chevron pattern for an interesting end feature. The photos show three scarves using either a 100% cotton or a cotton/Modal yarn and the stitch really shows up well with these yarns. However, the same pattern could also be worked in a soft merino wool for an autumn or winter scarf.

The green and blue scarves feature deeply-incised chevrons interlaced along the length of the scarf. This has been achieved by using a single pattern repeat across the width of the scarf which gives a wonderfully dynamic design

The green scarf is in a Sportweight cotton/Modal yarn which gives a lovely draping fabric for a long, slim-line scarf. The aqua version, meanwhile, uses a 100% cotton yarn in an Aran / heavy worsted weight yarn. This is so soft and cozy! I made this version a little shorter and love the way it drapes around your shoulders to keep away the evening chills. 

The third scarf uses the same 100% cotton yarn but this time in a gorgeous soft apricot colour. I absolutely love this shade. It's a colour that was featured strongly in a number of the fashion shows for Summer / Autumn 2020 and it's easy to understand why it has become so popular. It's not a colour I have worn much in the past, but I can see some fun shopping ahead for some new items to go with this scarf.

This version has two repeats of the chevron design which gives a wonderfully balanced, symmetrical look. The result is a wide statement scarf with just the right degree of coverage for bare shoulders in a cool restaurant. 

And of course, all the scarves are fully reversible which makes them easy to drape, wrap or tie in place.  

For more details about the Beckenham Ladies Scarf, please click here. The pattern is available for immediate download from the website.

Also, to read more about our Reversible Knitting Stitches book, please click here. We are busily working on the new update of the E-book and are getting very excited that this will be launched in just a few weeks' time! 
By the way, if you would like a copy of the print book, then there are still a few copies available before it goes out of print. Please click here if you would like to buy a copy now. Also, please let us know if you would like Anna to sign your copy before sending. 

Until next time, keep happy and keep smiling!


Anna's Website: www.kikuknits.com

Many thanks again to my husband Tim for his great photos! Find more of his photos here.

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